Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breath of Fire Piece

Sooo.... Im never satisfied with what Im working on. Going back into the BoF piece and editting a LOT of the line work and overall design. Im trying to at least have the face posted by tonight with the new edits, and it will look nearly like a completely different piece.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Breath of Fire II - Daughter - WiP 2


Turns out if you have no real packing to do, that leaves a LOT of the day open to do other stuff.... like flats!

Click for full view! This image also shows lineart with flats!

Breath of Fire II - Daughter


Just something to put up to show that I'm still trudging away at things while without work to go to till back in NJ:

Character was inspired from the game Breath of Fire II in which I decided I wanted to make a brand new character who was the daughter of the two main characters, a melee hero who could turn into a dragon, and the female protagonist who had strong magical powers and could turn into a bird. Somewhere along the line I just decided it would be cooler to make her a strong melee and eventually down the line (hopefully) draw her brother to be the magically inclined of the family.

Definetely going to fully ink/shade this one when I get back to NJ and color it... Right now the scanner is packed up and my other monitor is as well ~_~;

C'est la vive~

Creation Time: Middle/End of Fall 2009