Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breath of Fire Piece

Sooo.... Im never satisfied with what Im working on. Going back into the BoF piece and editting a LOT of the line work and overall design. Im trying to at least have the face posted by tonight with the new edits, and it will look nearly like a completely different piece.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Breath of Fire II - Daughter - WiP 2


Turns out if you have no real packing to do, that leaves a LOT of the day open to do other stuff.... like flats!

Click for full view! This image also shows lineart with flats!

Breath of Fire II - Daughter


Just something to put up to show that I'm still trudging away at things while without work to go to till back in NJ:

Character was inspired from the game Breath of Fire II in which I decided I wanted to make a brand new character who was the daughter of the two main characters, a melee hero who could turn into a dragon, and the female protagonist who had strong magical powers and could turn into a bird. Somewhere along the line I just decided it would be cooler to make her a strong melee and eventually down the line (hopefully) draw her brother to be the magically inclined of the family.

Definetely going to fully ink/shade this one when I get back to NJ and color it... Right now the scanner is packed up and my other monitor is as well ~_~;

C'est la vive~

Creation Time: Middle/End of Fall 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sasuke Urufu - reDesign

Sasuke Urufu - Head Inked

A full redesign of the Sasuke Urufu Character. Took more time with this one, so I really like how it looks.
Creation Time: Fall 2009
//Planning to put up a pseudo-bio with this guy once I get him fully inked/colored

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2009 Hector Frazz


One of my latest efforts. Just trying to rough out some ideas for a type of Magic Knight for a universe I was thinking up.

Creation Time: Late Summer 2009

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2009 Sandslash


Took one of my favorite Pokemon, Sandslash, and draw him with a trainer in my own style, hence the more realistic look
Creation Time: Late Summer 2009

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2009 Air Guitar Pirate INKED


Something a little more Recent thankfully, design I came up with one day while listening to Alestorm on Pandora Radio. This is probably my most recent piece~
Creation Time: Late Summer 2009

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2009 Cyrus Blackstone sketch


Character I designed for the D&D Campaign Ive been playing.
Creation Time: Early Summer 2009

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2008 Solemn Singularity


Another D&D character, what can I say, I like taken the guys I make from the dice games. This one was a little more tech designed inspired, so no real Might and Magic with him. Definitely planning to more with this character once I get the rig set back up and functioning.
Creation Time: Summer 2008

Click here for fullsize

Image Recovery Upload: 2007 Sasuke Urufu


Being a big fan of the Bleach Anime, went about the creation a character with that universe's characteristics in mind. You won't find this character within the Bleach designed IP from Tite Kubo, but I like to think up alternate storylines in which maybe he could~
Creation Time: Winter 2007

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Image Recovery Upload: 2006 Business Card


Original Business Card design I made during Senior Year of SCAD. Despite letting some of my skills rust, the rest is still pretty up to snuff. The entire card I built in Illustrator, including the Wolf's Eye design.
Creation Time: Spring 2006

Click Here to view full version
Business Card 2006


Going through collection and just uploading works that I have that I really do need to get up on the blogsite for referencing~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Portfolio Setup

First blog of my new sole portfolio site. True it will usually get you more props for creating and building your own site, but alas, I have neither the time nor the true fascination at the moment for creating one from scratch... Perhaps down the line that will change.

Going to be uploading some sketch works later with watermarks on them~